Holiday Tamale Headquarters

We also sell Prepared Masa, Hoja (Corn Husk) and Dried Chiles to prepare your own tamales

Prepared Masa

                At Tlaquepaque Restaurant, we take pride when it comes to making our holiday tamales. For the past four decades, we have been using only the finest ingredients when making our famous tamales. We use 100% premium white corn to make our own masa dough. During the holidays we make a variety of types of tamales:

Pork in a Red Guaillo Chile Sauce (Mild)
Beef in a Red California Chile Sauce (Mild)
Chicken in a Green Tomatillo Chile Sauce (Mild)
Cheese with a Green Chile Strip & Sauce (Medium)
Sweet (by Special Order Onl

To order your holiday tamales call us at (714) 528-0110.

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